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Sump Baffle
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Sump Baffle


Overall the stock NA & NB oil pan is very well designed, forming a lightweight rigid structure with integrated cooling fins and baffles around the oil pickup. However, it has been observed that it stops being able to effectively control oil movement at over 1G sustained cornering. In addition, oil sloshing increases windage losses, which can hurt power at high RPM.


As such, we developed a simple drop-in sump baffle, that helps control oil movement and sloshing under high-performance driving. Our design retains the OEM top plate, with large openings around the sides to allow easy oil return from the engine to the oil pickup. The way to control oil movement is by adding vertical walls around the oil pickup, creating an isolated compartment. Viton gates act as mechanical one-way valves, allowing oil to flow in the central compartment (where the oil pickup for the oil pump is), but blocking oil from escaping it, preventing sloshing and eventual oil starvation.


Laser-cut and CNC bent to ensure a tight fit. 1.5mm thick stainless steel with motorsport-grade Viton flaps for durability. Fits all NA & NBs (1.6 & 1.8) engines except MSM.


You will need to re-use the OEM bolts to mount the baffle; if you want us to supply these as well, please contact us.

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  • Model: Oil sump baffle for NA & NB (89-05)
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Colour Stainless steel
Fitment NA 89-98/ NB 99-05
Tags: Sump Baffle , MX5 , Miata , NA , NB
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